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  • 인스 타 그램 - 흰색 원


Director - Yuree Hong

show planning - Heeyoung Na, Junyong Yang

contents production and technical - Gooseob Kim, Yougeun Hwang

Vivid Sydney Light Festival


The Creation of Artificial Intelligence

Can human fall in love with AI? 
Yes, AI can also feel love, happy and sad etc like human being so, we can fall in love with them.
We imagined that AI could feel and express like us and wanted to show and share our idea to project toward the Sydney Opera House, the global landmark. 
Because human should coexist with AI and Robot in the near future. 

So, we have referred to Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, showing the moment when God created world as a homage. And the projection art works would present how people could live together and share emotional feeling with AI. 
It seem to be like the pop art feel to make it look like a cartoon that contains the theme of future like the stunning and exciting animation. 
Because the AI is not a simple robot created by humans, but it will coexist and communicate with humans and become friends of humanity. 

Design Plan

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