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  • 인스 타 그램 - 흰색 원


Director - Yuree Hong

show planning - Kyungseo Kim

contents production and technical - Gooseob Kim

The Grand Voyage

The mystic ship is made from the motif of the ship that a British gentleman settled in the mouth of the Singapore River in 1819. It does not exist in reality, but it can make the audience to look back and to remember the historical moments by a simple floating installation, water effect, lights, and videos expressed in harmony. It seems like an old ship and only the deck and sail still remain sunken, but at night, it sets mysterious sails and begins time travel to past 200 years of Singapore. Through the tangible element, “The Mystic Ship”, expresses the intangible element, Singapore’s past, present and future to intimate the connectivity to “Bridge of Time”, the theme of ilightSingapore 2019.

Singapore River Multimedia Show

Singapore / 2018

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